Sustainability is one of the most important features of our company. It is a shared and conscious choice, proving our belief in a 100% recyclable tin packaging, which supports our planet renewable energies.

metal boxes

Our company strategy is aimed at the monitoring of CO2 low emissions in the atmosphere and at an ecosostenible resources management. The result is our litographed metal packaging: a 100% Made in Italy, eco-friendly and renewable product.

Our commitment can be seen in different aspects:

  • The production waste is completely recycled and allocated to a specialized company, which melts it and subsequently reuse tinplate in new metal packaging production
  • Making of separate waste collection
  • Thanks to the technologies employed, our company doesn’t use any lubricants directly on tinplate
  • We limit the use of synthetic oils for the lubrication of machinery; moreover, their removal is in line with the strictest European environmental regulations