Company history

Italtin was established in 2008 in Carvico, a small town near Bergamo, with a vision to becoming a green company and producing sustainable, zero-impact metal packaging.

Thanks to these goals and objectives, in just a few years the company became an international benchmark enterprise for the manufacturing of bespoke tin boxes.

As early as 2011, Italtin required more space to continue its operations, and relocated to a new 6,000 m2 plant facility in Bottanuco (10 km from the previous premises) increasing its goods storage capacity. This expansion process was completed a few years later with the acquisition of an additional 2,000 m2 warehouse dedicated to finished consignment stock.

Digitisation and investments

From 2015 Italtin took things a step further to support the growth and efficiency of its business, adopting a digitisation concept, to improve and increase production and warehouse management performance.

At the same time, the company continued to engage in significant investments in machinery and equipment over the years: e.g. the decision to automate the palletisation of the finished product in 2019 and to simplify and expedite the shearing process of raw materials in 2020.

To complete this virtuous investment and innovation pathway, Italtin consolidated its production capacity in 2021, reaching an output volume of 10 million boxes produced. The primary impact of this growth was seen in the consolidation of sales revenues and customer loyalty, however it also affected other areas, such as the employment of more staff, the reorganisation of the plant facility’s outdoor areas, the achievement of new certifications and the expansion into foreign markets.

What have been the key success factors along this journey?

To run our business efficiently and competently, we have had to take major quantitative and qualitative steps, combining the technological investment in our machinery with ongoing training of our personnel.

However the main factor behind our success is the exclusive service offered to customers, based on trust and availability.

We supports our customers from the initial conception to the realisation of the product to it, working alongside them to create something totally unique: those who place their trust in Italtin do not simply receive concrete results, but also dedicated and customised service