Italtin vision of sustainability is not simply an abstract concept, but a conscious, shared and responsible choice to achieve a product that is 100% recyclable and environmentally sustainable.

What are the eco-friendly advantages of our tin boxes?

  • they are 100% recyclable
  • they are made from European sourced raw material
  • they are lead free
  • we use sustainable inks and paints, that are food-grade and BPA-free
  • they are durable over time
  • they are reusable

Our Footprint

We are constantly working on strategies to improve performance while complying with environmental standards, energy management as well as monitoring CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Sustainable commitment

Our commitment to being a green company is embodied in the following aspects:

We recycle 100% of the production waste by sending it to a company specialised in melting and reusing tinplate, which is then used in the production of new metal packaging.

We raise awareness among internal personnel in order for them to effectively separate waste both at work and at home.

We do not use chemical lubricants in contact with tinplate in our production cycle.

We limit the use of synthetic oils to the bare minimum, which are only used for lubricating the machines and then disposed of in compliance with the law.

Our environmental, social and economic impact is certified by EcoVadis, the international leader in corporate sustainability assessments, which has evaluated Italtin and assigned it a rating, validating its achievements and suggesting improvements.