A certain amount of requirements must be met in order to design and manufacture premium quality bespoke tin boxes with as much attention to detail as if they were handmade:

  • a meticulous, detail-based approach
  • a well-organised and highly efficient plant facility, capable of managing and controlling every manufacturing process phase
  • ongoing investments in innovative technologies to ensure superior production quality and assortment.
  • qualified and customer-friendly personnel

Italtin industrial process is divided into the following phases

Research & Development

We take pride in viewing our in-house R&D department as a haute couture tailor workshop, where we manufacture bespoke tin boxes. There are several functions involved in this department: from the design and engineering to the production and maintenance of the moulds.

Supply Chain

In order to guarantee the quality of the raw material we procure to manufacture our tin boxes, we hand-pick our suppliers from within the European Union. Our flexibility and efficient logistics service allow us to cut manufacturing lead times and optimise delivery times, estimating on average a minimum of 6 weeks.


The customisation of tinplate sheets is outsourced to hand-picked partners who specialise in tinplate lithography and use state-of-the-art UV ink printing presses.

Cutting and

Once printed, the tinplate sheets are ready to be transferred to one of our shearing stations, either automatically or in manual mode. The work pieces to be produced (e.g. box body, lids) are manufactured separately in this phase.

Blanking and

The lithographed and cut tinplate sheets are fed into machines which will carry out the blanking of the bottoms and lids. This phase envisages the drawing of the tinplate sheets, special punching operations, 2D/3D embossing and the application of hinges.

This is followed by an automatic production process, where the body maker shapes the tins according to the requested programme specifications.

Warehouse and

Another highly appreciated aspect of Italtin services is its internal and external warehouses, where all the manufactured tin boxes are stored pending shipment to customers.

After the shaping phase, the bespoke tins are ready to be packaged and palletised by means of a standardised and automated process that guarantees the physical integrity of the tins during handling and subsequent transport operations. The timely sealing of the pallet, when dealing with food-grade packaging, also provides quality assurance in full compliance with industry regulations.