Why choose
tin boxes?

Tin boxes are an exquisite and stylish type of packaging, synonymous of a premium quality that showcase and boost brand identity.

Choose a sustainable and fully recyclable metal packaging

5 reasons for choosing Italtin

Experience and know-how

We directly address companies, retailers and LSDs, relying on our wealth of experience in the manufacturing of superior tin packaging.

Made in Italy

Our tin box production chain is 100% Made in Italy.

Project support

We work alongside our customers from the initial design phase to the subsequent customisation and manufacturing of the entire supply of tin boxes.


Our tin boxes are environmentally sound, pollutant-free and 100% recyclable.


The fact that we oversee the entire product development process allows us to share an exclusive pathway with our customers, and create something totally unique based on trust and availability.


Tin boxes mean quality packaging, environmental compliance and durability. Italtin srl enters the tin box and metal packaging field as manufacturer for companies, retailers and large-scale distribution. Thanks to the experience gained over the years in producing high-quality tinplate packaging, the company has become partner with well-known brands in the food market and others.